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What is Zip-Tax.com?

Zip-Tax.com offers a developer API and an online look-up service for sales tax data. By providing as little as a zip code, we can determine the sales tax rates for your customers in their specific geographical area. In most states, the calculation of sales tax and the information changes many times throughout the year. Our service provides you with a method to get this information quickly and easily and with no maintenance. The ZipTax team is dedicated to providing you with the critical up-to-date information you need so you can focus on the important parts of your business. Get started today!

Getting Results

How does it work?

Zip-Tax.com works by submitting geographic information such as address or city, state, and zip code from your application or website. This data is used determine the correct sales tax information matching the provided location. Our service then returns that information to your application or website. Your application uses the returned data to apply the correct sales tax rates to your customer transaction in real-time. Click above to learn more about our service and pricing options. We can help you determine which option is right for your business application or website. Get started today!

Use Case

Should I use an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for developers to avoid re-inventing the wheel by using connected services such as Zip-Tax.com to retrieve complicated information quickly and easily within an application or website. By using third-party services, you are removing significant workload from your team allowing them to focus on your core business. Our service is built on highly scalable and reliable platforms to ensure maximum uptime for your website or application. We also provide detailed documentation to simplify the integration process. Get started today!

Address Level Accuracy with our Geo Plans

Check out our "Geo" level plans designed to produce sales tax data results by simply submitting a partial or full street address.

Support for most programming languages

We support any language capable of making http requests!